About Us

Let us tell you a little more of who we are.

Building Model as of 2022

Since 1988, we have been committed to serving businesses and individuals in the Newark and Central Ohio area, with an emphasis on small business.

In recent years internet service speed has increased significantly. For this reason, much of our services are now done remotely, so we are not limited to providing services only in this area.

Whether in house, on site or remotely, why not let our experts perform these valuable IT services for you?

Building Model as of 2009

Some of our current customers areas include; Billing, Dealerships, Dental, Investment, Legal, Lodging, Insurance, Manufacturing, Metal Recyclers, Non-Profit Foundations, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Trucking, and more.

Why not become one of our customers?

We would love to serve your needs and meet them accordingly. We plan to give you the best possible service and plan to keep doing so as time goes on.